11 comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!

  1. His Daddy on · Reply

    Wow! How on earth did that little model derive from my genes? I have to say all bias’ aside this is one of the cutest or handsomest little gents I have ever seen. Sweet skills babe! You made these images POP! Happy Birthday Buddy!

  2. Oh my word! How cute are those pictures. You’ve got trouble on your hands when he gets older! He is so stinkin’ cute!
    I feel bad about ditching spider man on the cake! We didn’t have enough time or brains to figure out how to do that! Sorry!

  3. BrookeO on · Reply

    Oh these are awesome. All of them. My fav is the b/w one with the hat on and his head tipped against the wall.
    Love how you did the cut out “B” too.
    My little E will be 3 in June……we could set them up, you know years down the road…just a thought!

  4. I was just blog hopping and I noticed your little boy has the same birthday as my little girl. She is 2 today. Awesome pics!! He’s adorable!

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