MEP_9271-1-1finalHello!  I am Malea Ellett… a wife. a mother. a photographer. a dreamer.

I am obsessed with pretty sunsets.  I love the beach, the desert, old pictures and music.

I’m blessed with an awesome side-kick, my kiddos and my pups.  <3

My History

My love for photography started at a very young age. My Mom was always taking pictures, developing film, and creating photo albums. I absolutely loved and still love looking at those albums. Then it happened, my Mom gave me my first camera. It was a yellow advantix camera (does anyone remember those!?) and I went snap happy. My passion for photography began at the birth of my first child. Being able to capture his every moment. The little grin, a burst of laughter, or a far off gaze…  truth.  I have 4 amazing children, and they inspire me everyday. Life goes by too fast.  Document it!

My Style

Simple. Candid.  I strive to capture who you are, not just what you look like.   I love being able to capture a beautiful portrait, then get those fun shots as well!I love light.  I am a natural light photographer.  I love the softness of it.  And I LOVE sun flare! {Unless of course it’s reception time – then I pull out the big guns!}  I love close up shots.  I love far away shots.  I love it all. Please take a seat and browse through my blog.   See if I am the right photographer for you!  I would be thrilled to meet you and capture a stage in your life!