9 comments on “Dr. David C. Mason {aka} My Grandpa

  1. Malea I LOVE these!!
    Your grandparents look like such special amazing people. Which I know is where you get it of course.
    Great work as always.
    Great great post :)

  2. Juanita Brinkerhoff on · Reply

    How wonderful to have these amazing pictures of such special people. :) Beautiful!

  3. kirstey on · Reply

    uhm…. you’re not supposed to make me cry without warning me first!! I need copies ASAP :) I’m thinking #1 and #3 will need to be added to my family photo wall!!

  4. hi malea! i’m stalking peeps from GTFO to see what people are up to. LOVE, LOVE, these photos. what beautiful grandparents. . .an amazing history. so cool to see this. beautiful work!!!

  5. WOW – Malea these are beautiful. You captured them so fabulously. I LOVE IT. I was so glad to meet you at WPPI. You are a gifted photographer and such a total sweetheart.

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